Bracket notation with quoted current object literal


Selector: $['@']

    "@": "value",
    "another": "entry"




Scalar consensus

The scalar consensus applies for implementations which return a single value where only one match is possible (instead of an array of a single value).


Other responses

Bash (


Elixir (jaxon)


Python (jsonpath2)

Not supported

line 1:2 token recognition error at: '''
ValueError("line 1:2 token recognition error at: '''")

Rust (jsonpath)

Not supported

parsing error


Clojure (json-path) ¹

java.lang.Exception object must be an array.

Golang ( ¹

strconv.Atoi: parsing "'@'": invalid syntax

JavaScript (jsonpath-plus)

Unknown value type 

Perl (JSON-Path)

Assertion ("@" is not an operator) failed!
 at build/lib/perl5/Carp/ line 282, <STDIN> line 4.
	Carp::Assert::assert(...) called at build/lib/perl5/JSON/Path/ line 215
	JSON::Path::Evaluator::_evaluate(...) called at build/lib/perl5/JSON/Path/ line 120
	JSON::Path::Evaluator::evaluate(...) called at build/lib/perl5/JSON/Path/ line 93
	JSON::Path::Evaluator::evaluate_jsonpath(...) called at build/lib/perl5/JSON/ line 103
	JSON::Path::values(...) called at line 11